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Oklahoma Owned, Nationally Known

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of Oklahoma City

FYZICAL Oklahoma City is owned by Drs. Sean & Lauren Peterson, an Oklahoma family working to ensure better health for Oklahoma City and beyond. We opened FYZICAL Oklahoma City in October of 2018, so that we could help you Love Your Life! While our knowledge and staff make sure you get the treatment you need, our facility ensures you get the state-of-the-art facility you want to recover faster, more efficiently.

Our Location

When you walk into FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of Oklahoma City, you will know that you have walked into a different kind of Physical Therapy Clinic. Stop, take a breath and look up. Even on rainy days, FYZICAL has blue skies, and a bright inviting gym. We consider our clinic a healing place with a modern spa aesthetic. And we know that just having a welcoming, healthing environment ensures that you are set-up for success.


When you step into our gym you will immediately notice some very different equipment. Don't worry, it's not all for you. Our bike and treadmills might be used for those recovering from a leg injury or needing to rebuild their strength. Our Shuttle and Rebounder are commonly used with those suffering from balance insufficiencies. And our reformer is often used for patients needing additional core stretching and strengthening.

What really stands out is our NASA developed Computerized Dynamic Posturogprahy. Dubbed "The Egg" by our patients, our Bertec CDP is an immersive virtual reality system we use to assess the sensory components of your balance system. 


A lot of patients come to us with weakness or gait instability, most physical therapists would have you using a set of parallel bars, we won't. 

At FYZICAL, we want to set you up for success inside our facility and everywhere else. That is why we have out Safety Overhead System (SOS). Each trolley and harness of the SOS is rated for nearly 500 pounds. This way we ensure you will not fall while we get you back on your feet.

Not ready, to stand independently? We have a weight supported treadmill that can help ease you back into full activity safely.


When you speak with your physical therapist, there are a lot of private moments. We are able to ensure your privacy in one of our 3 spacious, individual consultation rooms. These ensure that you have the ability to tell your physical therapist what they need to know to get you the care you deserve.

Beyond Our 4 Walls

Our facility is meant to be inviting and supportive in your Healthcare Journey, but we recognize that not everyone is going to be able to come to us in person. This is why in March of 2020 we extended our facility online and began to offer the same quality Physical Therapy treatment to remote patients through Telehealth Physical Therapy. We have already been able to help older adults sheltering in place, mothers with pelvic floor dysfunction who have young children at home, and those in more rural parts of Oklahoma who cannot make it regularly to our Oklahoma City Facility.