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What is Direct Access Physical Therapy?

Direct Access to Physical Therapy means that you can actually go see a Physical Therapist without a physician prescription! It is a super exciting step for physical therapy. Much like calling your doctor's office when you have a cough or a sneeze, you can call your physical therapist any time you have pain or a musculoskeletal concern, you have open access to physical therapy!

How Does Direct Access Physical Therapy Work in Oklahoma?

The state laws around direct access physical therapy vary. But Direct Access Physical Therapy in Oklahoma is set-up to help you, the patient,

1) Avoid unnecessary doctor's visits and testing

2) Reduce your costs around healthcare

3) Get you back to optimal functioning faster

In Oklahoma, physical therapists who see patients through direct access are not required to notify your physician, but at FYZICAL, we want to be a partner in your healthcare experience, which means being a team player and including your physician in our plan of care. This allows you to have the most cohesive healthcare and the best outcomes. It also opens the door for our sharing any findings that your physician may need to follow-up on. In Oklahoma, you can see a physical therapist for up to 30 days without having your plan of care signed off by your physician, but with your blessing even prior to the 30 days we will likely send your evaluation and plan of care to your physician so they know you are receiving physical therapy from us and if they have any questions or concerns they are encouraged to contact us and/or you the patient.

There are two things to note about direct access physical therapy in Oklahoma: If you have Medicare we do need your physician on board with our plan of care. In order for care to continue and for medicare to pay for your physical therapy, we have to have a doctor on file. Therefore we will need to send our plan of care, after our initial evaluation, to your physician and will need their signature. The second note is that commercial insurance cannot require a signature before 30 days are complete, but if your concern is complex or you have multiple injuries your care may extend beyond 30 days and would require a physician on record.

Direct Access Physical Therapy in Oklahoma is a reflection of Physical Therapists having higher and higher levels of education and knowing when they need and do not need to refer you back to your physician. That is why here at Fyzical your initial evaluation will be with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and if we do have any concerns we will let you know. And we will recommend you do see your physician if we are worried about anything that is outside of our scope of practice.

Direct Access is also a reflection of the American Physical Therapy Association’s vision statement, which is “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”

As Physical Therapists we want you to move and function the best you can and only physical therapists have the knowledge to be able to do so. If you have any questions about direct access don’t hesitate giving us a call at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers of OKC asking us how we can help you move your best and “Love your life”.