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Happy Spring! Are you looking to spring back into action after a health and fitness hiatus? Continue reading to learn more about how to safely return to exercise, avoid aches and pains while gardening, and meet a team member of our Company Clinic family.

Return to Exercise Safely After a Hiatus

When starting or resuming an exercise program, follow these tips to help avoid injury!


Always use proper form. No matter what type of physical exercise you are trying to get back into, maintaining your form is a crucial part of it. Understanding how to perform an exercise properly can be the difference between results and injury. Ensure that you maintain good posture and proper body positioning when exercising.

Take it easy at first. If you haven’t been participating in the type of vigorous physical activity that you used to be accustomed to, it's important to begin slow so that you aren't adding extra stress or strain to your joints and muscles. Inactivity leads to physical limitations and an increased risk of injury, so does trying to do too much too soon. Start small in the beginning with exercises and plan for a steady progression to ensure safety and results. 

Focus on health instead of a number on a scale. Set up an exercise regimen and a proper diet which will help you shed some pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Learning stress management strategies can also help improve your health and well-being. Your physical therapist can customize an exercise plan for your specific needs which may include stretching, aerobic exercise, weight training, or pain relief treatments if necessary. 


Our physical therapists are skilled at guiding people through rehabilitation and beyond. We will provide you with solutions that work!

Avoid Aches and Pains While Gardening

Gardening is a fun, active activity that results in a beautiful outdoor landscape, but can also result in injury. We recommend to follow these several tips regarding the best equipment to use and the proper technique to follow in order to make your gardening experience enjoyable and injury-free. Be sure to warm up and stretch before you begin gardening, utilize a garden stool or pad, avoid prolonged time in one position by switching up your position every 20 minutes, and use proper form when lifting heavy items. Avoid being laid up in pain when you should be out skipping through your daises!

Meet our Team!
Charlotte Burnett, PT, DPT

Dr. Charlotte Burnett is a Physical Therapist at FYZICAL Tulsa. Prior to being accepted into physical therapy school, Charlotte worked as a Health Coach. Once she completed her Doctorate, she began working as a full-time Physical Therapist in New Mexico where she gained a plethora of experience in treating patients with various neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease. Charlotte is passionate about holistic healing and the prevention of chronic disease through healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise and brings this knowledge to every treatment session! To read Charlotte’s full bio, click the button below!

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