Vestibular Rehabilitation for Dizziness

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FYZICAL Dizziness & Fall Prevention Centers Vestibular Rehabilitation for Dizziness Program 

FYZICAL's® therapists have world-class vestibular training in order to provide the best treatment possible for dizziness. Did you know that dizziness includes: feeling unsteady or off-balance, lightheadedness, fogginess, and room spinning (vertigo)? All of these symptoms and more can be treated with vestibular rehabilitation at FYZICAL®!

The inner ear houses the Vestibular System, which is our 'dizzy and balance center.' Disruptions to this system can cause dizziness or balance problems that can be truly life altering. These disruptions can occur for many reasons: car accidents, falls, illness, fatigue, surgery and sometimes no specific reason at all. 

We customize our vestibular rehabilitation programs to best treat your dizziness symptoms. We treat a variety of conditions that cause dizziness: BPPV, Vestibular Hypofunction, VOR impairment, Concussion, and more. FYZICAL® is the place to go for the most comprehensive evaluation and treatment for dizziness. Schedule your evaluation today to see if we can help your dizziness symptoms! At FYZICAL®, we will help restore your function and love your life!