Post Covid Long-haul Dizziness

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Post Covid Long-haul Dizziness

FYZICAL® Therapy & Balance Centers is a physical therapy business that specializes in the assessment and treatment of patients struggling with unrelenting dizziness following COVID. We have been very successful in developing and implementing a physical therapy treatment for patients of physicians and health care professionals who are concerned about finding treatment that gives their patients relief.

At the heart or our approach to physical therapy is the depth and breadth of our intake and outgoing inquiry into the whole person.  We are continually innovating: our program is unique and continually evolving.  

Our Dizziness, Balance, and Conditioning Treatment

  • Stimulating the Vagus nerve using a unique, non-invasive treatment developed bythe Center for Pain & Stress Research Ltd., Toronto, Canada. 100 % of our patients experiencing dizziness post-COVID and post-COVID Vaccine Injury have reported dizziness symptom relief.     
  • Thoroughly evaluating and treating the vestibular/balance systems by using customized testing to identify the systems causing dizziness followed by a proprietary Somatosensory Reweighting (SSRW) exercise protocol developed by FYZICAL.
  • Addressing commonly associated problems such as decreased balance, fatigue, decreased strength, decreased cardiovascular function as well as decreased muscular endurance, allowing the patient to return to their pre-COVID lifestyle without dizziness.

*For more information, please call (231) 439-3750.  We invite you to visit us at FYZICAL Petosky.