Run Form Coaching and Stride Analysis

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Run Form Coaching and Stride Analysis


Whether you are an avid runner looking to improve your skills, a beginner, training for a marathon, or looking to add running into your lifestyle, a running gait analysis will be beneficial to you. A Running Gait Analysis identifies flaws in your running form that may reduce efficiency and performance, contribute to injury, or be the source of recurring injuries. 

What does Run Form Coaching and Gait Analysis include?


  • Slow Motion Video Analysis of Running Mechanics from Lateral (side), anterior (front) and posterior (behind) view.  Video analysis will be performed at two speeds to assess if mechanics are altered in any way.
  • Footmaxx scanning technology to identify biomechanics and weight distribution of the feet.
  • Evaluation and Assessment of movement, strength, and relevant medical history by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.
  • Initial thoughts, explanations of running faults and “quick” areas for improvement. Creation of home exercise program. Q/A time provided.

Coaching Program

  • Detailed report from evaluation provided including pictures and written explanations of form.
  • One-on-one running form coaching to address impairments in cadence, foot strike, step position, flight time, stride length, and other identified faults from evaluation.
  • Custom-made exercise plan implemented for your specific needs. Progression of home exercises as necessary.
  • Relevant physical therapy services such as soft tissue massage, manual stretching, and other techniques utilized as needed.

Run Form Coaching and Stride Analysis can benefit all runners from beginners to elite and all age groups.