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What Can Physical Therapy Do for the Post COVID-19 Patient?

Common Direct & Indirect Effects of Covid-19 Can be Improved with Physical Therapy 

Whether your patients are deconditioned due to a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 or simply deconditioned because of having to shelter-in-place, Physical Therapy can help improve a variety of common symptoms and challenges people are facing after COVID-19. FYZICAL has developed a Patient Care Guide: Status Post COVID-19, to help our clinicians and our patients navigate the impact of respiratory illness and decreased mobility following Corona Virus.  

For patients after Corona Virus, Physical Therapy treatment can help improve pain & fatigue, respiration  & pulmonary status, cardiac status strength, endurance, mobility & flexibility. Physical Therapy will focus on improving functional outcomes for your patients including their ability to complete activities of daily living and prevent falls.

FYZICAL has identified 4 Patient Presentations that would benefit from Physical Therapy:

1. Hospitalized: Individuals who required mechanical  ventilation

2. Diagnosed/Moderate: Individuals who didn’t require mechanical ventilation

3. Vulnerable/At-Risk: Individuals with signs and symptoms but no positive test

4. Deconditioned: Individuals with functional loss and increased falls risk as a result of reduced activity

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Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center provides Physical Therapy for patients with Imbalance and Fall  Risks, Neurological disorders, Orthopedic injuries, etc. in Port Huron, MI. Check out our Services tab for more therapy services offered.