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Meet our Physical Therapists

Dr. Matthew Bremer Co-Owner, DPT, ATC, LAT

Dr. Matthew Bremer is a certified physical therapist and board-certified athletic trainer offering excellence in care to Brevard County patients. He completed his undergraduate and graduate coursework at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL, receiving a Bachelor of Health Science in athletic training and Master of Science in physical therapy. Matthew then went on to earn his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of South Florida. Over the course of his robust career, he has acquired a vast body of expertise and experience in treating all ranges of patients, with a scope of practice that includes orthopedic, neurological, vestibular, geriatric, post-operative, sports medicine, amputee, and older pediatric needs.

While well-versed in multi-disciplinary aspects of physical therapy, Matthew’s special interests lie in orthopedics and sports medicine. He has over 15 years of experience working with high-level athletes, including professional football and baseball players and division I college athletes. Matthew is a trusted source for sports therapy within the community and, as such, has the distinct honor of working closely with the Rockledge High School football team. His expert skill and devotion to optimizing the function and wellness of his patients enable him to enhance their quality of movement both on and off the field.

Through continuing education, Matthew strives to remain current with the most innovative and progressive techniques available in physical therapy today. He recently completed the Level II Senior Balance and Vestibular course with Brian Werner, Director of Balance Center Development, Training and Education at FYZICAL. Matthew has future aspirations of becoming a board-certified specialist in the area of orthopedics to further expand upon his accomplishments and clinical expertise in the field.

Matthew recently decided to pursue his dream of owning and operating an outpatient physical therapy clinic. Along with Kimberly Gallaher, he partnered with the FYZICAL franchise where he can continue to provide exceptional patient-centered care and grow as a dedicated professional. When Matthew is not delivering the best care possible to his patients, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and training in mixed martial arts.


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Kimberly Gallaher ­– Co-Owner, MPT, BFA, CPT

Kimberly Gallaher is a certified physical therapist with over 17 years of dedicated practice experience. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance, with a minor in biology, and a Master of Physical Therapy degree, both from Ohio University in Athens, OH. Since completing her formal training, Kimberly has acquired a wide range of advanced skills and expertise that enable her to improve function and wellness for patients of all ages. Though her primary interest lies in orthopedics, Kimberly has extensive experience in treating various injuries and diagnoses that involve post-surgical, balance, sports, spine, and neurological disorders.

 Throughout her career, Kimberly has remained dedicated to bringing best-in-class physical therapy care to Brevard County. She stays abreast of the latest techniques so that she may improve the quality of life for each person she is privileged to treat. In 2000, Kimberly earned her full Pilates certification from master teacher Romana Kryzanowska, one of Joseph Pilates original students, at the esteemed Pilates Studio of the Midwest. She has also received advanced training in manual therapy through the University of St. Augustine and is a certified FMT practitoner in IASTM Blades and Advanced blades as well as Rockpod cupping through Rocktape. Kim most recently completed the Level II Senior Balance and Vestibular course with Brian Werner, Director of Balance Center Development, Training and Education at FYZICAL.

 Kimberly takes an eclectic approach to physical therapy, utilizing hands-on manual treatment, neuromuscular re-education, functional exercise, Pilates rehabilitation, and patient education, among other modalities. Such a multi-pronged strategy allows her to focus on enhancing wellness for the whole person, rather than simply the body part in need of care. By implementing this personalized approach, Kimberly is able to adeptly evaluate body alignment, muscle imbalances, and range of movement to comprehensively address issues that may be contributing to injury while facilitating the healing process.

 Opening FYZICAL has been a dream come true for Kimberly, as it allows her to harness her energy, dance, athletic background, and education into one dynamic entity. She is passionate about helping others increase their functional abilities and live their lives in comfort. When she is not providing care for her patients, Kimberly enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two children. Her hobbies include running, yoga, Pilates, and traveling.