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What does Direct Access mean?

Direct Access means it’s your move! As a patient, you have the opportunity to seek the care that you need, now. Direct Access to physical therapy means that you can receive an evaluation and treatment from a Physical Therapist without a physician’s referral or prescription for a limited time. 

In Texas, patients can be evaluated and treated for physical therapy for up to 10 consecutive business days.  If treatment is needed beyond 10 days, the patient will need to obtain a referral from the patient's physician.

What does Direct Access to physical therapy mean for you?

What injuries/concerns can your Physical Therapist help with?

Does insurance pay for Direct Access physical therapy?

Most third-party insurance companies will cover your Direct Access physical therapy visits, however the coverage rules vary greatly from one insurance company to another. If you are unsure, feel free to book a FREE 10-Minute Discovery Visit. While you are being seen by your therapist, our Customer Care Specialist can verify your insurance information.  

Are there special Direct Access rules for Medicare?

Medicare patients can be seen for the initial evaluation, however if physical therapy services are needed, a treatment plan will be sent to your physician for signature.  Once the signed plan of care is received, treatment can continue.

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