Our Physical Therapy Team

The physical therapists at Fyzical have advanced clinical education and training, specialty certifications and years of experience providing hands-on healing. The therapists at Fyzical Sarasota Main Street have placed an emphasis on establishing whole-body wellness – for thousands of patients across the nation. Our physical therapists continually respond to advances in research, technology, science and health care.

Beyond the degree and licensing required by law, we certify our 'Fyzicalist®' to meet the highest standards in the industry. Only then can they provide you with service. A core requirement for all our therapists is a loving, caring and helpful personality.

Keefe Fugleberg

Keefe Fugleberg

His family moved from Chicago to Oklahoma in the 1970’s.  Oklahoma State offered Fugleberg scholarships for football and engineering but instead he joined the military and served in the first Gulf War from 1990 to 1993.  Upon release from the military, he attended Lewis & Clark College under the GI bill studying business and international relations.  His physical therapist sister encouraged Fugleberg to switch to the physical therapy program.  He had already recovered from a severe sports injury which inclined him to apply to physical therapy school and to dream of one day owning his own physical therapy center.

Fugleberg met his wife, Lisa Titterud, in physical therapy school.  Upon graduation, they opened European Physical Therapy in 2000 as a one small room operation in Sarasota.  They grew and expanded the business into a $1.5 million operation with an underwater treadmill and medically-based therapy in a professional setting that also offered gym memberships, social interaction and holistic products for sale.

In 2012, Fugleberg met Jim Abrams.  They talked for hours about various business proposals.  Jim reviewed Fugleberg’s financials and probed his therapy operations.  Looking through it all, Abrams said, “Gosh, we could start a franchise right now.”  FYZICAL was launched in early 2013.

To start the FYZICAL franchise, Abrams used Fugelberg’s system manuals and documentation.  Abrams knew from prior franchise experience he needed all elements of the physical therapy operation so that successful duplication could replace the habit loops that most small businesses employ.

Fugleberg and Abrams together created the vision, culture and philosophy of FYZICAL that was then offered to new Members which has led to explosive growth and local success in 232 franchises across America. 

Fugleberg feels that a big advantage of joining FYZICAL is the peace of mind of having a plan for today, tomorrow and well into the future.  Now, with clearly defined goals for himself, family and employees, Fugleberg no longer wakes up in the night with a mind full of worries. 

With the systems for success in place, Fugleberg and his family are free to enjoy long vacations in Europe with their children because their team has the tools and resources they need in place to respond and modify as circumstances warrant with the support from the franchise.

Fugleberg says, “FYZICAL therapists are the experts in movement and function, and with the help of FYZICAL and our partners, we will change the world for the better.”

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