Last updated on 4/13/2020

Information posted on 4/02/2020 still remains valid.

UPDATE: Many insurance providers have waived deductibles, copays and coinsurance fees for virtual visits. Virtual visits include physical therapy appointments conducted over the phone or internet with regular phone calls or video calls.  Virtual visits with your trusted PT or PTA are as inexpensive as they will ever be in our lifetimes; depending on who your provider is. Please call our clinics to verify if your provider has waived fees for you. Our experienced staff will verify your coverage as a complimentary service. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Avera have waived all fees at this time. 

Last Updated on 4/02/2020

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Southeast South Dakota prioritizes the health, safety and wellbeing of our patients, of our employees, and of our communities.  As we respond to the needs of our patients and staff in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must all remain flexible as we implement carefully considered alternative methods for treating patients to help them stay healthy and yet make progress with their physical therapy goals. At this time, our clinics are operating but with reduced office hours. Please call ahead to confirm your appointment. If you have a sudden onset of injury, such as low back pain or an ankle sprain, please call us immediately.  We will have one of our providers determine if you need to go to a clinic for x-rays.  

We have had a great deal of rescheduling to do as patients cancel or ask to have their schedule changed due to lack of daycare or evolving work schedule conflicts. We apologize for any inconvenience or annoyance that this has caused but anticipate for it to continue to happen as our schedules change literally by the minute. 

What we are doing to keep our patients safe:

  • We are restricting the number of people that are allowed within the clinic at any given time to 9 people TOTAL including patients, staff & visitors. 
  • We are asking all patients & staff to stay home if they have any suspicion of illness or exposure.
  • For our patients that are particularly vulnerable (i.e. those over 60 years old, those with compromised immune systems) we are able to offer home visits, or clinic visits when other patients are not present. We are also able to offer you E-visits & Telehealth (see details below). If you or a loved one wishes to receive this service, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • Many insurance providers have approved us to continue patient care through virtual visits over the internet or via phone call.  It is highly recommended that patients requiring physical therapy seek our care whether it be in-person or virtually.  We must do everything we can to keep the ER's and clinics available for people with COVID-19 and other serious conditions. It also reduces your chance of being exposed if you can avoid those facilities. (Please see details below. This information will answer many questions.  Please call to set up your "E-visit or Telehealth Appointment".)
  • We have talented patients and staff sewing protective masks that we will provide for all patients and staff. 
  • All patients & staff are required to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds upon entering & exiting any of our FYZICAL facilities.
  • We mandate that every surface be disinfected after each use by patient or staff.
  • Our staff is practicing social distancing, as well as limiting our exposure in our personal lives so that we do not become carriers.  

Virtual Visits:

Virtual Visits are physical therapy appointments conducted over the internet or via telephone call.  It is a very simple process in which we send you a link via email or text, and you simply join the call! It is just like Facetiming a friend!  However, instead of Facetime or other video call platforms, we use a secure software that keeps our call private so that your healthcare information is protected. If you are not comfortable with the option to use a video call, we also offer physical therapy assistance over the phone. It will not be the same experience as a physical therapy visit but it would allow us to check in on you and assist you with questions on your home program. Medical facilities around the world are utilizing this valuable service and it is keeping people safe by reducing their exposure to COVID-19.  Most insurance providers are covering this service and encouraging it. We will check with your provider to confirm this before adapting your care to Virtual Visits.  

Patients will lose a great deal of strength and will be at increased risk for falls and serious injury if they discontinue their physical therapy services so we are encouraged us to reach out to all of you. We are not recommended to simply discharge a patient until the pandemic is over. This will put your health at greater risk.   

From Ruth Scott, President:

During our down time, I am arranging continuing education programs to be delivered via distance learning for my staff so that we can emerge from this as even better physical therapists and even more equipped to care for you.  We will do everything we can to help you in & out of the clinical settings throughout this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there is something you need.  We will get through this.  

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