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Free Exercises

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Southeast South Dakota believes in helping every person reach their unique goals.  Our dedicated team educates each patient in ways to better care for their bodies so they can live a life they love. This page serves to provide safe exercises that can be done at home to combat common aches, pains & weaknesses.  Each person who utilizes the knowledge provided on this page is responsible for their own safety, especially if performing an exercise unsupervised.

If you experience any pain, tingling, or discomfort while participating in any of our free exercises, contact one of our clinics right away. If you have any questions, please call us and we will gladly help you. 

Healthy at Home with FYZICAL

This series is intended to help the beloved members of our communities stay healthy & safe in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We know that quarantine comes with a mix of new challenges including the challenge to stay active.  By taking responsiblity to perform some of these exercises you play a critical role in stopping the spread of COVID-19.  If your quarantine agenda does not include enough phsyical activity, you run a higher risk of developing unforeseen health conditions as a result of a new sedentary lifestyle. 

Video 1 | Staying Strong with Gerad  |  Fall Prevention  |  All Ages

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