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"Very friendly office staff & therapists. Got much help with pain and education from my therapist Andrew Johnson. He made me feel comfortable from the start and is a very nice, smart, and patient man. I will refer anyone who asks to him or his colleagues for PT for sure!" | Barb

"I am very pleased with my physical therapist. I finally can see I am making some better headway." Sandra

"Advanced Physical Therapy has been very good in my treatments. Matt has helped improve my ankles a lot with hands on therapy, thank you." Mike

"I have been to all the rest ..Marcus Hieb is the Best!!" John

"Great friendly atmosphere. They pay attention to detail and take the time to work with you, instead of pushing you out the door within 30 minutes."Travis

"The best physical therapist I've had, and I've had my fair share. He is very knowledgable about different techniques and exercises. Hes easy to talk to and makes physical therapy feel more like a chat with a friend." Abigail

"I can move!" Sherry

"Awesome!! Dr. Bakkum is incredible!!" Benjamin

"I went to Advanced PT with a back injury and constant paint. I was very happy with the assessment and all of my appointments. They worked with me through appointments and explained everything to me until the pain was gone and I had the tools to prevent it from happening again. They taught me various stretches and exercises to keep my back healthy and strong and to make it stronger. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good place to go for physical therapy." Angela

"They are amazing and really care about their patients!" Lisa

"I was playing in an basketball league for several seasons, till i had tweaked my knee too bad. I figured i would never play basketball again, but thanks to the staff at Advanced Physical, i underwent physical therapy to restore the strength and mobility in my knee and before i knew it, I was able to get back on the court. I'm happy to say it's been two years since my ingury and I'm still out playing basketball every year. So thank you Advanced Physical Therapy." Shaun

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