Patient Testimonials
  • Leila T.
    2 months ago
    My experience at FYZICAL has been life-changing! I have no more pain in my hips and I feel amazing. I am so thankful for the amazing staff at FYZICAL for being so helpful and caring. I am sad that my journey here is over but I am so happy to have found FYZICAL! Love, Leila!
  • Rod E.
    4 months ago
    My experience at FYZICAL was beyond my expectations. After years of pain and loss of strength & mobility, FYZICAL has not only treated my pain, but I have regained mobility & strength. I feel 5 years younger. All the great people & their knowledge to set up a treatment plan specific to you, has been incredible. Highly recommend to anyone!
  • Austin F.
    5 months ago
    After dancing with pain in my left ankle/foot for about 3 years and going through physical therapy elsewhere, I was able to resolve the pain I had through the treatment I got at FYZICAL. They gave me a unique treatment plan including ultrasound and laser therapy as well as stretches/exercises to help with my pain. We worked on strengthening my muscles to prevent injury in the future. I feel more prepared to return to dance and show choir after learning about what caused my pain and my hyper-extension ( which I didn't know I had) and I am grateful that the therapists at FYZICAL were able to help me. :)
  • Deb M.
    6 months ago
    The experience I had was awesome. We have accomplished everything that I needed to get done. I no longer have pain. I would recommend this place to anyone. I was highly satisfied with everything.
  • Ruby Y.
    8 months ago
    My experience at FYZICAL has taught me a lot about my body and has given me more strength! I really liked it here. These six weeks of conditioning have been really fun!
  • Lorraine H.
    8 months ago
    My bladder problem, the frequent urge to urinate, had become worse. At FYZICAL, the therapist informed me about causes and non-invasive solutions. It was very do-able and the improvement happened within a week or two. I feel empowered by the coping skills I learned. I would highly recommend.
  • Mel S.
    9 months ago
    I will recommend your services to anyone I come in contact with. Thoroughly appreciated your services. -Thanks, Mel
  • Nancy H.
    9 months ago
    Therapists are kind, take interest in my specific problems, gentle & fun.
  • Gertrude V.
    9 months ago
    The PT's seem to really care. They are friendly, but above all, they are knowledgeable and efficient. -Thanks
  • Caleb S.
    9 months ago
    Well trained staff working hard to build strength and endurance in every patient.
  • Cathy W.
    9 months ago
    Leah was knowledgeable- and made the process fun- and kept pushing me to do my best. Zon, Jennifer, & Kylie all kept me on my toes and always made me feel welcome and cared for. I would recommend this facility and the people here any time.
  • Hannah V.
    9 months ago
    The service I've received at FYZICAL has been phenomenal! The staff has been exceedingly helpful in injury care, strength/conditioning, and performance enhancement. Their commitment to helping someone reach their goals is top-notch.
  • Marcy V.
    9 months ago
    Seriously love this place. So thankful we brought our daughter here. We went to a Chiropractor for a year with just masking the pain. Soooo many results so quickly.
  • Rosemary W.
    9 months ago
    Fyzical is amazing. Avoided surgery with the wonderful staff treating me.
  • Amber M.
    9 months ago
    I feel like the help I have received at FYZICAL has given me my life back. It has been hard work, but the physical therapists have shown me that you have to do the work to get results. The staff is supportive and their methods get results. They stress listening to your body and constantly testing to see what you need to work on each day rather than administering treatment that may or may not provide relief for the problem at the moment. I feel like they facilitated a focus that helped me to be a better participant in my own recovery and health. I am finally doing this for me rather than because I was told to.
  • Jackie K.
    1 year ago
    When you need answers, call Fyzical! PT’s are so knowledgeable about injuries due to dance, and how to quickly get back on track with effective rehab and cross training!
  • Tiffany G.
    1 year ago
    I had Achilles issues that started very small and I let it progress to the point that I could hardly finish a shift at work or go for a short walk without severe pain and hobbling. FYZICAL was referred to me by a friend and they are amazing. In 2 short months I am pain free!! I am able to walk, run and be active again. If you are wondering if physical therapy is right for you-stop wondering. Do yourself a favor and check out FYZICAL.
  • Taryn D.
    1 year ago
    I am a dancer. Conditioning with Kylie has been awesome! I can really see/feel the improvement! 10/10 recommend!
  • Terry L.
    1 year ago
    All therapists and staff were very helpful and friendly. Pain is much improved.

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