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Improve Bone Health Naturally with Juvent Micro-impact Platform

Improve Bone Health Naturally with Juvent Micro-impact PlatformFYZICAL is proud to offer an innovative and effective solution for combating bone loss at our Bonita Springs and Metro locations- the Juvent Micro-impact Platform! The Juvent Micro-Impact Platform is a unique exercise mechanism that uses your body’s own response to microscopic kinetic impulses to improve your bone and joint health while boosting circulation. Check out the information from Juvent provided below to learn more about this remarkable, NASA level technology and how it is revolutionizing physical therapy.

Bone loss is really scary.

And so are the increasing risks of falling, bone fractures, chronic pain and the loss of mobility and independence.

If you are frustrated that your bone density tests are getting worse every year, no matter what you do, then you are not alone. Over 20 million women in the US suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis.

But now you’re in the right place, in your search for the answers that can lead you to a more active and joyful future, without the daily stress of never-ending bone loss.

Well, here is some good news…

You’ve finally found a safe, clinically studied, 100% natural alternative solution.

So, keep reading because you will be amazed (and very happy) to discover how you really can stop the fear, anxiety and uncertainty of progressive bone loss.

First, let’s start with what is causing so much bone loss in your body.

How Your Bones Lose Density

Your bones are made of living tissue that is in a constant process of breaking down and rebuilding.

When young and active, your bones were growing and getting stronger because they were adding bone faster than it was being replaced.

After about age 35, this process reverses, with bone loss occurring slightly faster than being replaced, causing a gradual loss of bone density. After menopause, with the decrease of estrogen, bone loss increases much faster.

Osteopenia and osteoporosis occur when bone loss has accelerated and become excessive, resulting in thinner, weaker and more brittle bones.  

The most common problems caused by osteoporosis are bone fractures, especially bones of the wrist, spine and hips. Hip fractures are the most serious as they can lead to hospitalization, permanent disability, loss of independence and even death.

Although bone loss is a natural process, certain factors accelerate this process, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, certain kinds of medications, illness and injuries. But now, researchers have discovered a PRIMARY CAUSE of accelerated bone loss…

NASA Helps Discover The Key To Stopping Accelerated Bone Loss

NASA scientists had a problem. A big one. Astronauts were losing 2% of their muscle and bone density for every month in outer space. They also came back with early stages of metabolic disorders, which led to discoveries that your body’s skeletal system does much more than providing body structure.

Bones also play a key role in your body’s metabolism, circulation and detoxification systems, create red blood cells, hormones, stem cells, help regulate blood sugar, are key to healthy joints, muscle flexibility and hundreds of other vital functions.

Without gravity, the human body breaks down because your bones need to be stimulated with “kinetic energy”. Also known as “Micro-Impact”, this is a specific type of force against the body and doesn’t occur in most forms of exercise.

Like NASA’s astronauts, most of us over the age of 50 are missing this same vital ingredient to bone health – Micro-Impact.

We call it “Vitamin of Exercise” because the right kind of regular and natural Micro-Impact stimulates key biochemical healing mechanisms in the body, including and most importantly – BONE GROWTH !!

Lack of Micro-Impact is a Primary Cause of Accelerated Bone Loss in Seniors

Juvent is Clinically Proven! Over 15 Published Studies Show:

  1. 11% Increase in Bone Density in 1 Year 
  2. Improved Blood Circulation 
  3. Improved Balance & Postural Stability 
  4. Reduces Fluid Pooling (Edema) in Lower Limbs 
  5. 80% of Micro-Impact Reaches Hip & Spine 

The Miracle of Micro-Impact

Juvent research was originally funded by NASA and developed by pioneers in medical device technology to help you achieve a level of joint and bone health never before possible… no matter your age!

Juvent is a safe and effective way to support your musculoskeletal system and long-term health – simply and naturally.

Plus, it’s so easy to use! Just step on the platform and it turns on. Step off to turn it off. There’s no remote control and you don’t even have to bend over to power it on.

Just a few minutes standing on the Juvent platform and you begin to feel the enhanced warmth and blood flow of exercise, and your bones and joints will immediately begin to respond with transformations that boost comfort and strength.

When you step on the generously sized platform, you’ll begin to feel subtle, pleasant stimulation vibrating comfortably up through your legs and torso. Juvent improves blood flow while easing joint, knee and back pain, while increasing balance, stability and bone health.

Want to know more? Follow this link to read more about Juvent’s technology.

FYZICAL is proud to offer Juvent at our Bonita Springs and Metro locations! If you would like to learn more about this innovative technology and how it can help you, please call us at (833) FYZ-ICAL