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Sports Performance Enhancement

Partners in Your Athletic Success

At FYZICAL Spring Valley you will find a comprehensive program tailored to meet the physical and timely demands of active people like yourself. Our team specializes in orthopedic injury and concussion rehabilitation, which helps us provide exceptional service to thousands of athletes of all ages and performance levels who require physical therapy to resume an active and athletic lifestyle.

FYZICAL serves all of your sports injury prevention, recovery and performance needs. The focus of our program is to:

  • Restore normal function
  • Decrease pain and swelling
  • Increase functional athletic range of motion
  • Prevent injury or reinjury
  • Enhance performance by working on identified deficits
  • Gain knowledge on how to return to activity safely

If you are an elite level athlete or would like to kick start an active lifestyle, we can build an extraordinary program to meet your unique needs and goals!

To learn more about our Sports Performance Enhancement Program, contact us at FYZICAL Spring Valley today!

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