Fall Prevention Rehabilitation for Seniors in Frisco, TX

» Fall Prevention Rehabilitation for Seniors in Frisco, TX

Fall Prevention Rehabilitation for Seniors in Frisco, TX

Fall prevention therapy for seniors in Frisco, TX

As you age, the risk of injuries caused by falling increases and can be a serious cause for concern. If you are recovering from a previous fall or a recent surgery, the team at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers in Frisco, TX, is here to help you regain your full range of mobility. We offer fall prevention therapy for seniors so that you can return to your favorite activities with less worry about falls.

No matter what your level of mobility is, you can count on us to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses your primary concerns. Reach out today to learn more or book an appointment.

What Is Fall Prevention Therapy?

There are many contributing factors to an increased risk of falls in elderly populations. Poor posture and gait can throw off your reflexes and cause pain that hinders your walking. Our fall prevention rehabilitation for seniors considers the many body systems that work together for balance to identify areas of potential weakness.

Once we assess the potential problems, our therapists will develop a personalized training plan with various strength, flexibility, and balance exercises to decrease the risk of falls and increase your independence. We understand that fall prevention therapy may seem daunting, which is why we use a variety of methods to ensure your safety.

With the help of the Safety Overhead System, you can practice walking and balance exercises in a secure environment. This full-body weight support system allows you to practice advanced skill training so that you can move and even fall without the risk of injuring yourself.

How Can You Contact Us?

Are you ready to improve your walking skills and balance? Reach out to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers about our fall prevention therapy for seniors. We are proud to work with residents throughout Frisco, TX, as we decrease the risk of fall-related injuries and allow you to regain your independence. Call (469) 252-0433 for more details.