» Testimonials :

"This is great for 8 months I couldn't roll over in bed without the room spinning. After 2 session I could roll over turn off the light no problem. After the 3 week session my stabilitilty is greatly improved I can walk without stumbling . I feel Great!"                                                                                                               Russel W Diagnosis:  BPPV

"When I started I had bad vertigo. I couldn't walk without spinning. I couldn't roll over in bed without spinning. I am back to feeling good."

 Colleen B. Diagnosis:  BPPV

"My therapist was on amazing lady! She made it easy to learn and fave me lots of motivation and reinforcemnet to keep growing as I age.  The work she does gives me tools that changed my life. Thank You!"

                                                                                                                                  Cheryl D  Diagnosis:  BPPV


"I feel I have improved my balance, leg muscles and can get about more easily with FYZICAL'S help. I certainly would recommend FYZICAL for excellent therapy."                                                          

   Francis T.  Diagnosis: Gait/Balance