FYZICAL Venice brings balance and neurological rehab to next level using unique space-age virtual reality (VR) technology.  Research verifies that the brain can enhance – even to age 99 or greater, and VR technologies are the most advanced way to do so.  The 5-foot VR dome is a MUST SEE at FYZICAL Venice!

Bertec VR System

  • Utilizing State-of-the-Art Computerized Dynamic Posturography, a technology originating from NASA, the highest level of diagnosis and treatment is accomplished for patients experiencing:
    • Dizziness
    • Balance Problems
    • Motion Sensitivity
    • Irregularities Walking or Running
    • Motor and Sensory Control Issues
    • After Effects of Concussion or Head Injury
    • Single Leg Stance and Weight Bearing Problems
  • FYZICAL Venice, having the only VR virtual reality Bertec system in Sarasota County, uses immersive, virtual stimulation to promote rapid recovery from various balance disorders with a balance program PROVEN to rejuvenate the balance system.
  • The technology is so advanced FYZICAL Venice can simulate walking through a medieval castle, shopping in a supermarket or even flying an airplane through the mountains promoting neuroregeneration and recovery in an exciting, safe and entertaining environment!
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