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Titleist Golf Fitness Program

Tilteist Performance Institute (TPI) Program: 

The TPI Golf Performance Program at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is unique, in that our Certified TPI Instructor is also a licensed doctor of physical therapy and PGA golf professional. This combined skill set offers unparalleled insight into the physical limitations affecting a golfer’s swing. Our physical therapist’s experience working with orthopedics and sports medicine, combined with the TPI Medical Certification, provides a holistic, golf-specific physical examination and a customized golf strength and flexibility program tailored for each golfer’s needs.

Golf Performance Evaluation:

Our TPI evaluation and program is based on the research of biomechanics and fitness that references a compilation of golf-specific data on multiple body parts, which are vital to a golfer’s swing. The physical examination, completed by our certified instructor, is a 16 step movement assessment that addresses limitations and injuries which may negatively affect the mechanics of a golf swing and ultimately lead to injury. These potential issues are identified from the movement assessment and are addressed through a personalized performance program; with the ultimate goal of teaching the golfer how to use their mobility to swing properly and limit potential injury.

Will insurance cover my Golf Performance Evaluation?

It is possible if you have pain while playing golf, that you may have an underlying condition that can be treated with a Physical Therapy Plan of Care. This entails a referral from a medical doctor as well as an initial evaluation as a physical therapy patient, which can be covered by insurance. Our Golf Performance Evaluation and TPI Program is not however, covered by insurance and is solely a cash-based service. Please contact our team at 203.741.9948 for more information regarding specific costs and options for you to explore. 

Hear From Our Clients:

I saw Keith for the TPI golf program over the past 6 weeks and could not be more pleased. I always have back pain after about 6 holes and I do not rotate well when I swing at all. After 6 weeks I am able to play 18 holes without lower back pain. Because I can rotate more in my back swing (and follow through) I hit the ball further and straighter!! I highly recommend the TPI program with Keith at FYZICAL.

- Michael

After playing well over 100 rounds a year, my body needs a tune up every winter. Keith addresses the issues I have been ignoring all summer and gets my back in shape for the next season. The hands on approach to help relieve my pain and then get me moving again is the best part. Plus, what other PT clinic has a golf simulator where I can get lessons after my treatment?!?! I highly recommend giving the TPI program a try.
- Pete