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» FYZICAL Orthopedic Residency Program

FYZICAL is proud to be the 117th approved provider of the ABPTRFE Orthopedic Residency program as of January 20 2021.

The program is offered at selected sites in Florida, Colorado and Texas.

The orthopedic residency is an opportunity to be mentored by post graduate peers along with support and guidance through the American Board of Physical Therapy Fellowship Residency Education (ABPTFRE) program

  • The program will enable the resident to sit for the Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) Examination held each year late February Early March.

OCS Clinical Program

Residency and fellowship programs build upon a physical therapist’s foundational knowledge and facilitate the development of advanced practitioners with enhanced skills in a defined area of practice. Mentoring develops residents and fellows-in-training who elevate the quality of patient care and enhance the profession. Programs focus on advancing skills and knowledge including educational techniques, research methodology, clinical skills, and administrative practices. The comprehensive curriculum integrates these combined skills and knowledge specific to a defined area of practice that is consistent with the program's mission, goals, and outcomes.

Program History

This achievement has been over five years in the making. Rick Douglass, FYZICAL’s President of Operations had the original vision for this program back in 2016 when he was serving as the National Director of Clinical Education, and first proposed the Residency along with submitting the initial application. After he became President in 2017, Gavin Hamer furthered his work with the application for candidacy status being accepted in 2018. There was still a lot to do, but after a successful site visit at FYZICAL Bonita Springs in December 2020, the program was finally approved, becoming just the 117th Physical Therapy Orthopedic Residency in the United States. The program currently has five approved sites.

Approved Sites:

  1. FYZICAL Bonita Springs FL – One graduate March 2021 Dr David Brown
  2. FYZICAL Fort Myers FL – One Graduate Dr Mitchell Robbins
  3. FYZICAL Gleneagle CO – Withdrawn Dr Meagan Slaydon
  4. FYZICAL North East El Paso TX – One Graduate Marco Suriano
  5. FYZICAL Joe Battle El Paso TX – One Graduate Adam Vargus

David Brown our first graduate says:

"The value of combining the latest in evidence based practice with mentors who are invested in developing my clinical capabilities really shines in creating high quality patient care. I look forward to being able to join and assist in the education and development of future residents to maximize how we, as a company, are able to further the profession, and create a trusted name in the rehab space. Educating patients is at the heart of what we do, and the best way to improve our ability to do so, is to continue to educate ourselves."

We wish him all the best and are all looking forward to having him join our faculty as an instructor and a mentor after earning his OCS certification!

Our Latest Graduate’s testimonial from Mitchell Robbins PT. DPT. OCS.

“As clinicians, we have a responsibility to serve the people in our care to the best of our abilities. Going for the OCS certification is a commitment to studying the highest standards of treatment and to staying in touch with evidence-based practices. More than that, going through a residency shows initiative in not just being content to pass a test, but going down the harder road – to be molded by your mentors, to teaching your peers, to engaging with your community, and becoming a leader within your profession. Fyzical’s OCS residency program gave me all the tools I needed to feel more confident as a clinician and has solidified the foundation under my feet. From here I will continue to learn. That is what we are called to do, but that job is made a lot easier with the many wonderful teachers and therapists in Fyzical’s residency program.”

What This means for FYZICAL:

We are now able to offer a clinical pathway for our Physical Therapists to undergo advanced training and increase their orthopedic skill set, in turn passing this on to our patients and improving their outcomes. This program will attract Physical Therapists who are committed to life-long learning and the opportunity for advancement as certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists, instructors and mentors.

Gavin Hamer says, "For the company and our Franchise partners, this Residency also offers an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence in evidence-based practice and to reduce practice variability across the FYZICAL brand."

For further information contact Gavin Hamer PT. DPT, FAAOMPT Program Director at gavin.hamer@fyzical.com.


To the following successful candidates: Mitchell Robbins, Marco Suriano and Adam Vargus.

  • Candidate: Mitchell Robbins
  • Candidate: Marco Suriano
  • Candidate: Adam Vargus

FYZICAL Orthopedic Residency Program 2023 Report

Number of candidates 1
Successful residency completion 1 100% Pass rate
OCS score Pass 100% Pass rate

2022 Completion

Number of candidates 4
Successful residency completion 3 75%
Withdrawal 1
OCS score 2 Passed 66%
One candidate yet to sit

2023 Completion

Number of candidates 1
Successful residency completion 1 in process
OCS score N/A

For program financial information, download our Residency Fellowship Financial Fact Sheet.