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Infrared Goggles Can be Used to Diagnose Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular Rehabilitation, which is a form of Balance Retraining Therapy, has emerged over the past several years as an alternative treatment for patients with chronic non-resolved motion intolerance, visual sensitivity, and imbalance problems. Patients get better and return to normal lives because of this treatment. The history and how of vestibular rehabilitation are important keys to knowing why therapy works and what therapy type will be most successful.

One way of treating vestibular disorders is with infrared goggles. Infrared goggles are used as a state of the art camera technology, which allows the trained specialist to accurately diagnose a variety of vertigo and disequilibrium disorders in patients who struggle with imbalance and dizziness. With this technology Fyzical can accurately diagnose Vestibular disorders and design specialized treatment plans to facilitate quick stability outcomes. We explain in detail with the use of an ear model all clinical findings and treatment plan to get patients feeling more stable and eliminate dizziness.