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» Physical therapists are experts in movement and function, including posture
Physical therapists are experts in movement and function, including posture

Why is posture so important?

Posture can improve your quality of life. Posture essentially refers to the body's alignment and positioning vs. gravity. Posture can be measured with sitting, standing, lying down, or any other time gravity is exerting a force on our muscles, joints, and ligaments. Good posture is typically demonstrated by distributing gravity through our body so no one structure is overstressed.

Much of the population struggles with improper posture while using a computer or driving. A few tips to help your posture during these two activities that are performed by many on a daily basis include:

  1. Sit properly: Ensure your feet are supported, your knees and hips are level, and your spine is vertical. 
  2. Fix the empty space in your chair: While sitting all the way back in your chair, place a towel or small pillow in the arch of your lower back.
  3. Get up and move! As your muscles grow tired from sitting for an extended period of time, your back and neck will have more pressure. Take a brisk walk around the office every 30-45 minutes. If you are driving a long distance, take plenty of breaks at rest stops or gas stations to stretch those legs and get your blood flowing. 
  4. Do not overcompensate your posture: It is important to maintain an overall relaxed posture. Do not restrict movements by clenching muscles or adopting an unnatural, stiff posture. 
  5. Exercise: Proper exercising can help your posture at the office. Daily workouts can help increase your mobility and lead to a safer workplace environment. Check out Fyzical's whole health programs that bridges physiology, exercise and nutrition to meet your fitness goals.

If you are struggling with aches and pains for improper posture, a physical therapist can help you improve your mobility and function, in addition to helping you fix your issues moving forward.

In addition to driving and desk employees, another target for improper postures are the hardest workers out there... mothers! In this article below, find out more about maintaing proper posture as a mother. Simply performing everyday tasks such as carrying and picking up your children, cleaning, pushing a stroller, etc. can lead to improper posture.