Hearing loss and dementia


The population of people with both hearing loss and cognitive decline is large and growing.  Problems with communication are one of the earliest signs of dementia.  Doctor Jessica Vilendrer, audiologist, and Dr. Virginia Reed, Physical therapist,  from the FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center in Fort Myers share this blog post concerning correlation between hearing loss and memory loss.

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Do hearing aids prevent cognitive decline?

Activity- Test yourself and test your family members, with these simple, cognitive tests.

Three word registration:

Say “Please listen carefully. I am going to say three words that I want you to repeat back to me now and try to remember. The words are BANANA, SUNSET, CHAIR. Please say them for me now.”

If the person is unable to repeat the words after three attempts, move on to Step 2 (clock drawing).

Clock drawing:

Give the person a paper with a large circle drawn on it.

Say: “Next, I want you to draw a clock for me. First, put in all of the numbers where they go.”

 When that is completed, say: “Now, set the hands to 10 past 11.”

You can repeat the directions for this test, but move on to the next part after 3 minutes.

Three word recall:

Ask the person to recall the three words you stated in Step 1. Say: “What were the three words I asked you to remember?”

If your loved one has difficulty with any part of this test, they may have problems with memory or cognitive decline.

At FYZICAL our mission is to change the way healthcare is delivered in America.  We know that hearing loss is associated with early onset dementia and dementia leads to a significant increase in fall risk.  To meet these challenges head on Fyzical is offering free hearing screenings at our (the)Metro Parkway location.  For more information please call 239-561-5616