I am writing to highly recommend the use of the InTone pelvic floor electrical stimulation device for any man who has undergone a prostatectomy and wants to regain continence as soon as possible.  After my surgery in September of 2015, I was desperate for a way to prevent wetting myself every time I stood up.  My urologist prescribed physical therapy at FYZICAL, and it was there that I learned about the benefits of InTone e-stim therapy.  While the unit is not inexpensive, in terms of results it’s worth every penny paid.  At the start of my rehabilitation I was soaking 5 pads a day and experiencing an average of one “accident” per week.  Within six weeks of beginning Today, I use only one pad per day, am dry all night, and leak minimally only when I sneeze or cough. Other than that, I am living my days worry free.

- McGowan