Yesterday, I got the phone call every working mother dreads – the school nurse. My Kindergartener was having a mild allergic reaction to freshly cut grass on the playground. By the time I got back to my office, babe in tow, the Benadryl had kicked in. I made a pallet on my office floor and he lay down for a quick nap.

He loves coming to my office. When I need to be here after hours, he likes to “work out” while I’m busy. He lifts the weights and pulls on the pulleys. He does push-ups and sit-ups. He walks on the treadmill. He is proud of himself when we leave, accomplished and smiling.

As I watch him snoozing on the pallet in the corner of my office, I wonder if our patients feel the same way. Do they look forward to seeing us? Do they feel accomplished when they leave? Are they more confident when they walk out our door?

Our FYZICAL therapists provide our patients with so much more than weights and pulleys, stretches and stationary bikes. What must it be like to help heal? To ease the pain of another? What a calling it must be to assist in the fragile mending of what is broken or torn.

My little one is only here for a quick pause in the middle of a busy Tuesday, but long enough to make me thankful for the miracles I am lucky enough to see every day – at home and at work.