FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers

My boys like to play basketball in our driveway.  I watch from the kitchen window as they run and jump and guard their dad.  My Kindergartner very effectively uses the “fall down” technique to garner sympathy.  He “trips” over a crack in the driveway, stops the game, gets some attention and then flashes his Hollywood smile as he jumps up to attempt a “swoosher” (as he calls them.)

How easily he propels himself toward the ground.  How quickly he jumps up and starts again.  The older I get, the less I want to propel toward anything – certainly not the ground.  That is most certainly the case with many senior Americans, too. 

This week, the Associated Press reported on shocking new statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  One in every 45 Americans aged 75 years and older suffered brain injuries that resulted in emergency department visits, hospitalizations or deaths in 2013.  The rate for falls in that age group jumped 76% from 2007.

Therapists at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance are specially trained to help adults prevent falls.  Not only do we provide balance and strengthening therapies, but our patients also have the opportunity to use our center for specialized wellness programs after prescribed therapy has ended. 

Be proactive and protect yourself.  Unlike my basketball-loving Kindergartener, our falling down is nothing to grin about.