I was diagnosed with endometriosis 17 years ago that caused excruciating
pelvic pain starting at the age of 19 years old.  I'm now 37 years old and
have had a total of 10 laparoscopy surgeries, including a total hysterectomy
thinking surgery was my answer.  My pelvic pain was so severe and interfered
with my daily functioning and my personal life which put me in a state of
depression, not wanting to date, and not wanting to interact with people
because the level of pain that consumed my life.  Dr. Feagin's recommended
Mrs. Teena Petree after interstitial cystitis was ruled out and my true
diagnosis was pelvic floor dysfunction.  Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) most
likely developed from endometriosis and the several surgeries I thought
would eliminate my pain.  I have been going to pelvic therapy for 5 months
now and it's been incredibly life changing because my quality of life has
improved, my pain has significantly been reduced, and is now managed with
weekly treatments.  I kept an open mind when I started PFD treatment, even
though I was discouraged because every surgery I had didn't help and I was
at my wits end with what to do...but I wouldn't stop until I found an answer
even if it was 17 years later.  It's imperative to be open and patient
because nothing worth fighting for comes easy or gives you instant relief.
My pain was ruining my life, but I was willing to do anything for consistent
relief so I was patient, but after a month of treatments (twice per week) I
started feeling so much better and my pelvic pain was subsiding.  Every
patient is different so my recommendation is to listen to your body and
listen to Teena, she is an expert with pelvic floor dysfunction and has
helped so many patients through the years.  If you aren't seeing improvement
increase your number of treatments per week, then once you are improving you
can re-access how often you go, but it's trial and error and it's key to be
patient with the process.  For me, life is managed not cured so I don't seek
perfection or wave a magic wand hoping for unrealistic expectations, but I
do hope for improvement and consistent progress and that's what thankfully
happened.  It's unrealistic to go into your first session thinking one
treatment will magically remove your pain, if that's the case for some, then
that's absolutely fantastic.  However, with my experience and having been in
pain on and off (mostly in pain) for 17 years I've had to be patient,
positive, and open to the process and it's paid off.  If you ever want to
speak with me, please let Teena 's team know and they will put you in
contact with me, I'm extremely passionate about my experience and I'm happy
to talk to anyone who might be discouraged, or just want to talk to someone
who has been in pain but got better.  Teena and her entire team are
professional, extremely knowledgeable, very kind, and they have been the
best care I have ever received.  This is an extremely emotional defining
event in my life to share and talk about, but I'm so grateful I found Teena
because it's truly a blessing.  There are no words to thank her for all that
she does, how caring she is with her patients, and how she has helped me get
to where I have always hoped.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to
Teena and to Fyzical Therapy, I'm forever grateful.

Lisa B. Thomas