Female basketball players are no joke.  Neither are anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.

Ask anyone who has experienced an ACL tear and the story always sounds about the same: a sudden turn, twist or fall with a pop, excruciating pain and the immediate knowledge that their season of play is over. 

Well documented need-to-know facts about ACL tears are:

Research has shown there are physiological differences between women and men that lend women athletes to ACL tear more so than men:

Other contributors to a woman’s propensity to tear her ACL:

So, what can women do to prevent ACL tears?  Lots, actually. 

Ask a coach, trainer or physical therapist for exercises that are specific to your position.  A center is three times more likely to tear an ACL because centers jump and land more than the guard.  Females who to shoot the ball from the perimeter are more likely to pivot and twist at the knee.  Guards also twist and pivot, making this position 78% more likely to ACL tear.  Guards also decelerate quickly and depend more heavily on the quads than the hamstring, putting the knee in danger of injury.    

Specific training has been proven to prevent ACL tears.  Some examples include: 

Learning how to prevent and protect from injury is as important as practicing before a game.  Train smarter for a better, safer basketball season.