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Mulligan Technique

What is The Mulligan Technique?

The Mulligan Technique is a newer manual therapy technique that is named after Brian Mulligan, a physical therapist from New Zealand. Brian Mulligan came up with a term, Movement with mobilization for the first time, that is part of the core concept in the Mulligan concept. Since then, the Mulligan concept is known as a popular manual therapy technique due to its instant and long-lasting effect on joint restriction. All the techniques in the Mulligan concept are performed in a pain-free range, but significantly improve joint mobility, which is expected after a certain number of repetitions. Like any other technique, the Mulligan Technique requires a thorough evaluation/assessment by a physical therapist to consider any possible factors that require additional precaution during the Mulligan Technique. We utilize the Mulligan Technique to treat almost all of our patients. Our clinicians are skilled and experienced in performing this technique in patients who have any type of chronic pain.

Most of our therapists use Mulligan’s concept for treating joint mobilization and pain. Application of these manual therapy techniques use the basic rule of never causing pain. Therapists choosing to make use of SNAGS in the spine and MWMS in the extremities must still know and abide by the basic rules of application of manual therapy techniques. These techniques consist of but are not restricted to, foam pads and Mulligan’s mobilization belt. These techniques work very fast and are effective. They are also called the ‘Revenue Reduction techniques’ since recovery time is proven faster than many other manual therapy techniques. These can also be easily replicated in the comfort of your own home.

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