FullGravity™ Technology
FullGravity™ Technology
  • Definition: Technology that allows movement through multiple planes without compromise to the resistance load.
  • The goal of this section is to present the Kinesis product features that together create this technology.

Kinesis product features:

  • Closed Loop Cable System
  • Dual Weight Stack System
  • Handles
  • 360 degrees Rotating Pulleys
  • Increasing Resistance System

Dual Weight Stack System

Independent Cable Weight Stacks:

  • Provides optimal load effect
  • Allows dual, single and alternate limb movements
  • Facilitates partner training

360 Degree Rotating Pulleys

Rotating Pulleys:

  • Allows for unrestrictive positioning of the body in relation to the pulleys
  • Effectiveness of load is not influenced by direction of force application

Increasing Resistance System

Each weight stack has 16 load levels (plates):

Load Increments

Level 1

Level 2 to 6

Level 7 to 16

9 lbs.

7 lbs. each

13 lbs. each

  • Minimum load: 9 lbs.
  • Maximum load: 174 lbs
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