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- NEW! NormaTec Dynamic Air Compression Therapy

- Incrediwear Anti-Inflammatory Garments

Incrediwear wearable anti-inflammatory therapy is recommended by medical
professionals and embraced by pro athletes and active people everywhere. Learn more

-Deep Tissue Laser Therapy®: 1 FREE session

-Hyperice Percussion Therapy Devices

- BEMER/PEMF Therapy: 1 week FREE trial

-Footmaxx™ Custom-Designed Orthotics: 1 FREE computerized foot scan!

-Exercise Memberships *Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit participant!

-Medically Based Fitness/Personal Training

-Infrared Sauna

-Shoe Inserts/Heel lifts


-TENS units

-Kinesio Tape

-SI (sacroiliac) Belts

-Ice packs

-Compression socks and Garments

-Wedge Pillows

-Miracles of Health: Full Spectrum Certified Organic Elixirs & Salves  

-Somaderm: FDA patented, homeopathic, transdermal HGH, Thyroid & Adrenal Support product:  

-Nutritional Supplements:

Douglas Labs


Standard Process®:

And more!

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