Plan for Your Visit

» Plan for Your Visit

What should I bring with me to my first appointment?

Please bring any medical records from your previous doctor, a list of medications and allergies, as well as your health insurance and driver's license. We also recommend bringing a list of any important notes or questions you might have pertaining to your condition so you don't forget. You can save a little time by completing your paperwork beforehand if you provide us with your email.

What should I wear?

We recommend you wear comfortable, nonrestrictive or athletic clothing to your appointment, with tennis shoes or other close-toed shoes you are comfortable being active in. You will frequently be stretching or completing exercises, so we want you to feel comfortable when you are moving around. Your clothes should also allow us to evaluate your affected area, so keep that in mind. If we are treating your knee, shorts might be a good idea - depending on the weather. If you have any questions about what you might be doing during your appointment, please contact us!

How long does each visit take?

The initial visit might take a little longer than the subsequent visits due to paperwork and the completion of the assessment process. You will have the opportunity to complete your paperwork online if you provide us with your email. Normally, appointments will usually last between 45 and 60 minutes with some exceptions depending on treatment.

How long will I need physical therapy?

How long you will need physical therapy will vary for every person and for every condition. Your physical therapist will put together a plan with you to discuss what goals you want to meet and what level of function you should reach before being discharged. Part of how long you will need therapy will depend on if you are consistent with your home exercises and maintaining a regular schedule for your therapy appointments.

When should I start seeing improvement?

When you start seeing improvement will vary for every person and for every condition. We can't predict exactly when you should start seeing improvement, but if we feel it's not happening as it should, we will modify your treatment or discuss recommendations and suggestions with you. Know part of your speed to success will depend on if you complete your home exercises and maintain a regular schedule for your appointments.

Will you keep in contact with my doctor?

After your initial evaluation, we will send a copy of the examination to your doctor along with progress notes at regular intervals. We will keep them updated on any necessary or significant information, and they are welcome to call or fax us with any additional needs they might have. 

Will I see the same therapist every time?

We will make every attempt to schedule you with the therapist you desire to see. However, there may be times when another therapist will treat you to accommodate your schedule or because of other scheduling necessities in the clinic. All of our therapists and assistants are fully-licensed or certified and will know how to work with you for your appointment.

Will my insurance pay for therapy?

Generally, most insurance companies pay for physical therapy. We recommend you call the benefit number listed on your insurance card to check on your insurance benefits before you start therapy, or give us a call and we can do it for you. If you do not carry insurance, cash payment plans and other payment options are also available. 

Do I need a physician's referral for physical therapy?

In the state of Georgia, you can complete 8 physical therapy appointments before you need a doctor's referral. Most people will need more than 8 visits to complete a full plan of care, so you will eventually want a referral to get the full benefits of physical therapy.