» Testimonials :

"My therapy sessions at FYZICAL in Easley helped tremendously to restore my sense of balance and my ability to walk confidently again without a cane.  Sheri St Clair is a caring and creative therapist.  She added new challenges at each session and new exercises for my 'homework'.  Sheri was sensitive to my physical limitation while still encouraging me to try a little harder.  I hope to gain even more mobility by continuing my exercises each day at home.  She is an excellent therapist and I highly recommend the FYZICAL program in Easley." -- Judy

"Sheri is great! I was ill for over 1 month with a week in the hospital and 3 ER visits. She helped me with my vestibular imbalance and I'm back to normal. She is a pleasure to work with and is very motivational to help you reach your goals without compromising your health. Thumps up to Sheri!!!!!" -- Connie

"I had a really good experience with Sheri St. Clair.  She was willing to listen, to participate, and help in the process." -- Deby

"FYZICAL has fixed my vertigo, and I feel my life is back to normal.  I have learned much about how my balance affects my life." -- David

"My experience with FYZICAL was all that I had hoped for, and more.  I had several falls recently and my balance was not good.  Sheri St. Clair was my therapist, and I have never had the individual attention that she gave me from any other place.  Sheri is very knowledgeable and is a great Physical Therapist.  I will highly recommend her any chance that I may have." -- Betty

"My referral and recommendation is to see Sheri for Vertigo, dizziness, or balance issues.  She cleared up my Vertigo quickly and explained why my balance between my eyes, ears, and feet added to issues.  Through her guidance with easy exercises, I learned how the vestibular system connects and see my improved results.  Thank you, Sheri, for helping me more than I thought I needed." -- Karen

“Very helpful physical therapy with Sheri St. Clair.  Much relief with balance and dizziness, especially being able to follow up with exercises at home.  Thanks.” -- Evelyn

"Sheri St. Clair is a good therapist. She takes time with you and tries to help you with your problems. She has helped me with vertigo, balance, and my neck pain. She has taught me the things I can do at home to help. I recommend her highly. Thank you, Sheri....you're not only a good therapist...you are a good friend also! You made me feel right at home!!" --Joyce

“Sheri, Thanks for all the help, you have helped me a great deal.  I would be glad to inform anyone with the problems I had to come see you." -- Jeff

"I have had vertigo for a very long time. But after a detailed evaluation and targeted therapy it only took a few sessions to make my world stop spinning! 
Sheri did a wonderful job!
Thank you!" -- Vanessa

"I came to Easley Head & Neck Surgery for a hearing test.  I found out I needed hearing aids.  They also referred me for balance therapy.  I wondered what kind of therapy do you do to fix the balance problem in your head?  Well, Miss Sheri showed me how.  She was an angel.  She explained about how our balance worked, then she helped me to achiever my balance.  Thank you so very much, Miss Sheri. -- Shelby

"When I came to FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, I was really in a bad state.  I was so dizzy and my balance was way off.  Sheri St. Clair was my therapist, and she had me doing all kinds of exercises to get my balance back and take care of the dizziness.  After doing her exercises, I feel that I am much better.  I can walk straight without wobbling from one side to the other.  I am so thankful that Sheri was there for me.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs FYZICAL therapy.  I am happy with my results.  Thank you, FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers. -- Helen

"I am well pleased with the results of my FYZICAL Therapy. I appreciate Sheri and how she helped me!"--Peggy

"I began getting bouts of vertigo and severe dizziness daily.  I began working with Sheri St. Clair.  She has a long background in physical and vestibular rehab.  She helped me so much!  I was able to be treated for my vestibular system and balance due to my cerebellum issue.  She helped me get my balance, and life, back in real ways!!  I graduated from therapy today and walked in unassisted--no walker!  I wanted to share the good news." -- Cyndy

"Sheri is very attentive and does a great job getting you to learn what you need to do to get on the path to recovery." -- Joyce

"The exercises helped me with balance that reduced my dizziness and nausea.  Sheri is wonderful!  I am very thankful for all the progress she helped me with." -- Chuck

"Sheri really helped me regain confidence in my walking without falling.  I appreciated the scientific methodology used." -- LuWanna

"Sheri St. Clair worked with me to help resolve issues I had with vertigo. She guided me through the exercises that I needed to do to help with my condition. I have not had a reoccurrence since she has worked with me. I have been able to easily continue the exercises she coached me on in the office at home. -- Henry

"I'm so glad I went to see Sheri.  She has helped me with exercises I can do on my own and helped me to have a better understanding of the crystals in the ear canals." -- Jerrie

"Very nice and helpful group of people.  Very professional and mindful of your needs." -- Eddie

"My issues with balance have improved a lot; I feel that these sessions will help me eliminate falls." - Betty