FYZICAL is a physical therapy franchise leading the charge to transform healthcare from one of “sick care” to well care.
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Welcome to FYZICAL Easley

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers, Easley regrets to inform you that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be closed until further notice.  Please remember to stay active, get exercise, and be safe during these times of turmoil.  Although it's times of social distances, it is a good time to do things you have been putting off, getting in touch with people you haven't spoken to  in awhile.  I look forward to being available for you for your health and safety once we are once again opened. Be safe and God bless!

FYZICAL Dizziness & Fall Prevention Centers in Easley, SC is unlike any therapy center you’ve been to before. At FYZICAL, our highly skilled, compassionate physical therapist is 100% focused on achieving optimal health and wellness for you so you can get back to living the life you enjoy. Unlike other therapy centers, you will receive a specific program designed uniquely for you. NO 'one program fits all' here. There is NO other you!

With our comprehensive programs, you will discover how to achieve the pinnacle of healthy living, expand your boundaries and feel better. At FYZICAL, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions.

It’s time to get FYZICAL if:

  • You just want to feel better and move better
  • You want to overcome a balance disorder or other neurological condition
  • You want to decrease your fall risk
  • You want to get rid of vertigo & dizziness
  • You've had a concussion

Whatever ailment brings you to FYZICAL, our therapists will ensure your independence! You may be able to avoid surgery or prescription medications!

FYZICAL will help you get better and love your life again. Experience the FYZICAL difference today!

FYZICAL® Therapy Services