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Coronavirus Precautions

During the COVID-19 scare, I wanted to let everyone know the precautions that we are taking.  Between each patient, all touch surfaces will be disinfected.  Handwashing will be done between each patient.  There will be hand sanitizer available in at the entrance, and patients are encouraged to use it before and after each patient.  If anyone has any illness that day, they are encouraged to remain home to prevent the spread of any possible disease.

Please remember to use precautions in your home, frequently washing hands before and after eating, using the restroom, and after blowing your nose.  Do not cough into your hands.  Instead, use your sleeve or a tissue that will be thrown away.  Clean frequently used surfaces with disinfectant or antibacterial surfaces such as handles, light switches, faucets, phones, remote controls, and countertops.  

I hope and pray that we come together to help each other out, as this is a common concern and affects everyone.  Be safe.