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The articles in our first section will highlight some of the key nutritional contents of many common Superfoods.  You may consider adding some  or all of these to your shopping list.






Olive Oil





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Moving along in to Summer.  The Summer heat provides a great opportunity to get outdoors, but that same heat can potentially bring with it some HEALTH RISKS.  So here are some things to be aware of, especially when you're exercising in the great outdoors.

Heat stroke:  Many parts of the body demanding blood and oxygen, so less returns to the heart, and hence less available to be further sent to the brain and central nervous system.  You can be subject to a large drop in blood pressure.  Symptoms may be diziness, nausea, excess thirst, and headache.  You'll need to rapidly reduce your body temperature.  Ice bath, cold towels are great.  Ice packs on the back of neck and under arm pits are also beneficial. 

Heat cramps: Cramping of large muscle groups.  Loss of sodium and dehydration.  Slow down and get yourself hydrated.  Water and electrolytes are key.

When exercising and dehydrated, one tends to burn through carbohydrates faster.  Then you try to burn fat, but with limited oxygen from the blood, which creates a challenge.  After a certain level of dehydration, our body reduces our sweat rate.

Helpful tipsDrink plenty of fluid.  Do not underestimate the value of water.  Reduce those sugary soft drinks.  Keep your electrolytes up as well, especially on those very hot and humid days, and when exercising outdoors.

* Disclosure: The information on this page is intended as general information for your consideration.  Should you have any food allergies or medical conditions that may require customize guidance, please consult with your Primary Care Physicianor a Registered Dietician or Nutritionist.