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Joint Pain

The therapists at Fyzical therapy are experienced in treating any type of joint pain. Common    areas of joint pain include: Shoulders, neck, back, knees, etc. Joint pain can be the result of arthritis, tendonitis, trauma, postural related origins, fibromyalgia, as well as a variety of other diagnosis.


Common complaints of Joint Pain:

Stiffness                                  Aching                                     Swelling

Numbness/ Tingling                Sharp pain near joint               Pain with movement

Muscle Soreness                    Referred pain                          Limited range of motion



How can Physical Therapy help?

We use a multi facet approach of pain relieve while strengthening and stretching appropriate musculature. Our goal with orthopedic PT is to work with the patient’s to improve their overall function to increase their activity level and get them back to doing the things that they enjoy pain free. We use the big picture approach to look at the patient holistically and treat each patient as an individual.

Upon evaluation of a patient, we will determine the root cause of the pain/dysfunction as well as a course of action to achieve the best results possible.



Common treatments of joint pain include:

Manual Therapy Techniques: Our manual therapy techniques include passively moving and mobilization of joints to increase range of motion, muscle stretching, movements to improve muscle activation as well as soft tissue techniques to emphasize proper mobility of fascia, tissue, nerves and muscles.

Traction: We utilize manual traction for spinal decompression. We have purchased a cervical mechanical traction unit that we use as well as other manual techniques such as with a belt for lumbar traction.

Electrical Stimulation: Estim is used as indicated to decrease pain and increase ability to perform exercises to achieve functional result. It is not a long term solution however, we find it beneficial for patients who are experiencing acute pain.

Exercise: As patients present with functional muscle weakness, we focus on increasing joint stability as well as proper joint and muscle mechanics to achieve best results. Our exercises are all functional and developed for each patient individually to best replicate the strength and movements they require for their specific daily living tasks and recreational activities. Each patient is given a comprehensive home education program that is frequently modified and advanced as they progress with treatment


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