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Stride into Spring with Injury Prevention

Stride into spring with these tips before dusting off the running shoes, heading out into the

garden or beginning your new workout routine for those upcoming summer days.


Start Slowly –

Beginning an exercise routine or outdoor activity could get you
feeling energized and rid that winter cabin fever, but it is important to start slow
and basic. Lower duration, frequency and reps/sets will get the muscles firing and
used to increased activity.

Stretch! –

Light stretching before and after exercise or outdoor activities can help
prevent injuries and decrease muscle soreness. Ask your Physical Therapist about
creating a stretching routine specific to you and your goals!

Hydrate –

Your muscles are made up of about 79% water so being adequately
hydrated is essential when being active. Whether you are doing yard work or having
an intense workout make sure that water bottle is filled!

Get some rest –

Making sure that you are giving your body enough rest between
workouts or heavy activity will allow your muscles to recover and stay injury free.
Take Breaks! (For you gardeners) – If you are working hard to get those spring
tulips planted or prune your tomato plants, make sure you stand up and stretch
about every 30 minutes. Having the spine in a flexed position for prolonged periods
can cause a lot of strain and pressure on the lower back.
These are just some of the many tips to consider before getting active. If you would
like more information and tips on how to prevent injury and stay active throughout
the spring/summer months inquire with any of our staff about setting up an
appointment with our Fyzical Therapy team.