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FYZICAL Lake Success is dedicated to the care of orthopaedic and neuromusculoskeletal injuries and conditions, in addition to neuro/vestibular disorders for balance recovery and fall prevention.  We offer the very best of today’s technology; state-of-the-art therapeutic modalities, manual orthopaedic procedures and Balance Re-Training Therapy.  We specialize in managing neuro/vestibular disorders for balance recovery and fall prevention, utilizing state-of-the-art NeuroCom balance and equilibrium assessment and neuro-performance retraining technology; today’s Gold Standard in evidence based functional balance assessment and fall prevention. NeuroCom is the world leader in balance and human mobility technology.

Unlike many other rehabilitation offices, FYZICAL Lake Success is an independently owned and operated physical therapy practice, dedicated to providing high quality Physical Therapy care to its patients. You will receive physical therapy care designed, directed and supoervised by a well credentialed doctor of physical therapy, rendered according to contemporary standards of care, endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.


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