» Testimonials

"Yes! FYZICAL Therapy deserves all five stars.
The staff are professional, work with your schedule, friendly and remember little things you share making the appointment more like a visit with a friend. The environment is clean and organized and has a nice variety of equipment to help whatever it is you need physical therapy for.
I have mobility issues and the staff have taught me why I have the issies, where the issue is located and technique on how to get blood flow properly to my muscles, and stretches to further my mobility and exercise to build muscle up. I at one point could only walk a few feet had to sit down. Today I was at an appointment at Byan East and I bet I walked 1 block total before my muscles tighted up. Even then I could still make it to my goal at end of the walk to and from. I am greatful to Dr. Eric and his staff. I will recomend them to anyone who needs physical therapy." ~KM

"The staff is amazing!! The individual attention put me at ease when starting my recovery. They continue to adapt my therapy as my needs change." ~JS 

“I came here with concerns of weak legs, balance, and after learning what to do for these concerns and training what consistency does, I feel I am in better condition and what to do for these concerns.  I also now walk on the balls of my feet not flat footed with the awesome instruction I was given at FYZICAL Lincoln!”   ~NB

“When I stated I could not walk without a cane, go up stairs or down stairs or walk without pain.  I can now do all of these things and do them without a cane.  Tyler and Katelyn are very pleasant and helpful!”  ~JK

“From the start I could hardly climb the wall because of my frozen shoulder, everything, every movement was a killer.  Eric taught me so much such as exercises I could do at home (and continue to do).  No Pain, No Gain is for Real!  Katelyn Sue and Eric, you two are the best!  I am going to miss you guys.  I’ll continue to work on getting my shoulder better and I owe a lot to you two.  Remember, bowling can be “FYZICAL” therapy!  Your caring attitudes will always be remembered!”  ~HK

“At first there was very little I could do with my right arm due to the shoulder pain.  My first week I wondered if surgery would be necessary.  Second week went much better and my confidence was much better.  Into the third week back to normal.  Balancing the workout in the FYZICAL office together with warm ups and exercises at home worked wonders.  Thank you to the staff and management at FYZICAL LINCOLN for all the expert work and knowledge that put me back together.  I would highly recommend your services to everyone!” ~CM

“I feel that the PT has really helped my back.  I am able to make it through a shift at work without pain.  I was sent to FYZICAL LINCOLN with workman’s comp, but will be back for aches and pains.”  ~MS