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FYZICAL is a physical therapy franchise leading the charge to transform healthcare from one of “sick care” to well care.
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physical therapy in Lincoln Nebraska

FYZICAL: Lincoln’s Physical Therapy Clinic

At FYZICAL® Therapy & Balance Centers Lincoln, we offer physical therapy services that boost your recovery & support your wellness. Book an appointment today!

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Welcome to FYZICAL Lincoln 17th & South

At Fyzical Lincoln 17th & South, we’re dedicated to enhancing your health and well-being through personalized and comprehensive physical therapy services. Our team of experienced and compassionate therapists is committed to providing advanced care that’s tailored to meet the unique needs of your condition and medical background.

We empower you to achieve optimal physical function, mobility, and quality of life. We strive to be a beacon of support and healing, guiding you through your rehabilitation journey with expertise, empathy, and encouragement.

Why choose Fyzical as your preferred, local physical therapy clinic?

  • Experienced and Caring Team: Our team of licensed therapists is dedicated to providing compassionate care with a focus on achieving optimal outcomes.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We believe in individualized care, tailoring treatment plans to each patient's specific needs and goals.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our clinic is equipped with modern facilities and cutting-edge equipment to support the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Improve Your Balance 

Balance issues affect individuals of all ages, stemming from various causes such as musculoskeletal issues, neurological conditions, or age-related changes. At Fyzical Lincoln, we take a comprehensive approach to address your balance problems.

Our skilled therapists conduct a thorough assessment to identify the underlying factors contributing to your balance issues. Then, we design personalized rehabilitation programs that may include targeted exercises, proprioception training, and other evidence-based techniques.

Using Safety Overhead Support (SOS) for safety and freedom, our program improves your balance and prevents future incidents.

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Neurological Rehabilitation

At FYZICAL Lincoln, we offer neurological physical therapy tailored to individuals with neurological conditions. Our comprehensive approach combines expert guidance with advanced techniques to address a wide range of neurological issues, including stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and more.

Our skilled therapists utilize evidence-based practices to improve mobility, strength, and function, empowering you to regain independence and enhance your quality of life. From gait training to balance exercises and coordination drills, our personalized treatment plans are designed to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Additionally, we provide customized foot orthotics to support proper alignment and function. This aids in the management of neurological symptoms and promotes stability during movement. Learn more about neurological rehabilitation to discover how neurological physical therapy and foot orthotics can benefit you.

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Relieve Your Pain 

Persistent pain has a profound impact on your daily life, limiting your ability to move, work, and enjoy activities. Whether your pain is the result of an injury, chronic condition, or post-surgical recovery, our experts are dedicated to empowering you to overcome pain and regain control of your life.

Our approach to pain management goes beyond merely alleviating symptoms. We work to identify the root cause of your pain, developing targeted treatment plans that address the underlying issues.

Our therapists employ a combination of Evidence-Based Manual Therapy, Neurological Dry Needling, and Aquatic Therapy. These therapies reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and enhance overall function.

Accelerate Your Recovery at Fyzical Therapy & Balance, Lincoln

At Fyzical Lincoln, we’re your partners in achieving your health and wellness goals. As your local physical therapy clinic, we look forward to being a part of your journey to wellness.

Together, we’ll empower you to rediscover the joy of movement and the freedom that comes with optimal health. To embark on your path to improved health, increased mobility, and a better quality of life, schedule your appointment with us today.

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