Balance Therapy

Balance Therapy

Balance Therapy in Lincoln, NE

At FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Lincoln, we empower you to improve your balance and your walking skills, or “gait.” Book an appointment today to decrease your risk of injury, and increase your mobility, confidence, and independence.

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Balance Testing & Training

Falls are dangerous, particularly for seniors and those with physical issues. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths and serious health problems in the U.S. Visit us today to take back control of your mobility!
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Vestibular Balance Therapy

Balance and gait both rely on a complex number of body systems, including the inner ear, the eyes, the joint-muscle-nerve system, and of course, cognitive functions. Vestibular therapy that improves gait and balance works with all of these systems to keep them functioning in harmony.

Learn more about our vestibular balance therapy services today.
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What are the Benefits of Balance Physical Therapy?

Gait and balance training has a range of benefits, including:
 ➡ Avoiding injuries
 ➡ Minimizing the risk of falling or feeling dizzy
 ➡ Increased confidence with your footing.
 ➡ Reducing aches and pains from poor posture

Balance and gait are linked, with one often impacting the other. You may not be in danger of a sudden fall, but perceived fatigue during walking (often attributed to aging muscles) may actually stem from slowed reflexes. Similarly, poor posture and gait often impact those same reflexes.

Balance & Gait training: What to Expect

We start by evaluating your gait to determine potential problems with strength and posture. This includes simple movements to test your balance. Together, these basic evaluations enable us to determine the priorities for your balance therapy program.

Balance issues are often caused by poor posture and weakness in the hips and ankles. We use strength and flexibility movements to counteract these problems, including leg lifts while seated in a chair, or “knee marching.”

We may also practice standing on one leg, walking heel-to-toe, or tracking the movement of your thumb with your eyes as you move it in various positions. However, your specific program depends on your needs, your condition, and your medical background.


Improve Your Balance & Fall Prevention at FYZICAL Lincoln

At FYZICAL Lincoln, we offer personalized physical therapy for balance & fall prevention. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take your first steps toward optimal balance and improved mobility.