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Fitness and Wellness

Where to Start when Therapy Stops!

Fitness and Wellness are the cornerstones of healthy living. Our goal is to help you live a healthy, happy life, full of energy and free of pain. At FYZICAL Little Silver we highly recommend continuing with exercise after discharge from physical therapy.  The way you do that is up to you, but we offer several ways to do this:

  • A home exercise program prepared for you upon discharge
  • Medically oriented FYZICAL Training at FYZICAL with a Physical Therapy Professional
  • A Fitness Membership at our affiliated gym Parker Creek Fitness

You can optimize the results of your treatment with us by employing any of these programs or services. Our affiliated gym Parker Creek Fitness is geared to active adults and seniors.  Equipment has been chosen specifically with this population in mind.  In addition instruction and assistance with equipment is always available.

Our friendly and knowledgeable physical therapists can customize an exercise and wellness plan with your personal longterm goals in mind.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, you want to improve your core strength and balance, you want to improve your skills a your favorite sport, or you simply want to be more active to feel better, our post-rehab and independent fitness programs can help

It's your life… your choice. Live FYZICAL. Love Your Life.

Individualized Wellness Programs

At FYZICAL, our therapists know that each and every individual is different. Taking a one on one approach, the therapists at FYZICAL are able to identify your problems and put you on a plan to a healthy life.We offer a wide range of assessment and evaluation programs including: