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Welcome To A Physical Therapy Clinic In Northern Virginia IDEAL For Those Seeking A Solution To Recapture An Active And Healthy Life… One Without Pain, Stiffness, Dizziness and Imbalance, So That You Can Do The Things You Love To Do, NOW, And For Years To Come....”

Who We Are

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Manassas (formerly Piedmont Physical Therapy) has served people in Northern Virginia just like you for decades - those who are looking for world class physical therapy provided in a comfortable environment by clinicians who listen and care. We are continuing to grow and expand our reputation as the Physical Therapy Clinic of choice for men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, who want to keep active and love to be healthy. Founder, David Ebbecke, is one of several trusted health experts at FYZICAL Manassas who works with people aged 20-60+ on a daily basis. He is also active in the local community and interacts with support groups and schools to advise and educate on body awareness, exercise, and caring for your family…and caring for yourself!

Our Mission

To provide effective, efficient, and high quality therapy services through compassionate care.

Our Vision

To be the therapy provider of choice to the physicians, people, and community we serve, for all orthopedic, neurologic, and geriatric disorders.

To realize this vision, we shall:

  • Provide a highly professional and friendly environment that is conducive to the optimum healing of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Develop a therapy program and plan of care that is specifically designed to suit your individual needs, bearing in mind the uniqueness and abilities of each individual.
  • Utilize a hands-on approach that is proven to help relieve pain and enhance mobility.
  • Work as a team with you and your physician to provide the best care and efficiently return you to your highest level of pain-free function.

Who We Help

We give men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s and beyond the BEST help and advice to keep them pain free and on-the-go, so that they can enjoy great health for years to come.

People who are treated at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Manassas include:

  • Frustrated Family Members: Who have gone the route of medications and exercises but not found relief, and are starting to believe surgery is the only option.
  • Confused Health Consumers: Who want to have some understanding of what the problem is and what possible solutions may exist before they have to pay for it.
  • Fearful Parents: Who are not sure how they will be able to provide for, care and enjoy their family if their pain keeps them from being able to work.
  • Hopeless Individuals: Who think nothing can be done to help them.
  • Sensible Men And Women: Who know that pain medications are NOT the best answer to their problem, and who need real solutions for their problems that "exercises" found on YouTube can't provide.
  • Especially Active Grandparents: Who know that staying active and playing with grandchildren is much easier and more enjoyable if they’re experiencing less pain or have greater confidence with their balance.
  • Concerned Men and Women over 50: Who know that it’s much easier to fend off “deadly” threats like Heart Disease and Stroke (but also joint & muslce pain and balance problems!) if they can keep active, mobile and are able to exercise well into their later years.
  • “Weekend Warriors”: Who want to remain fit and ready for the next round of golf, the enjoyable run or walk, or a long bike ride with friends… anytime they want.
  • Weary Workers: Who feel they would get better if they could just get a good night of rest without pain.

Where We Are

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Manassas is located at 8551 Rixlew Lane, Suite 340. Manassas, Virginia 20109. We proudly serve clients in the counties of Prince William, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun and beyond.