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Thank you for your interest in the position! To apply, please send me an email and follow these specific directions:

1) Use the Subject Line: "PT Opportunity" and send correspondence to both dave@piedmontpt.com and gin@piedmontpt.com

2) Within the email, please write a few sentences as to why you feel you are a great fit for this position. We would also like for you to tell us about the last time you had a big "win" in the clinic and how you made the client very happy.

3) Attach your resume as a PDF file.

We are a fun, relaxed Physical Therapy clinic looking for a dedicated, personable and enthusiastic physical therapist (F/T, however P/T will be considered). 

If You Enjoy:

  • Working in an environment where the client ALWAYS comes first thus giving you the control necessary to execute the BEST possible care.
  • An employer dedicated to your continued learning, professional development, and happiness.
  • Having a truly pivotal role in a company that helps active people stay fit, healthy and mobile while avoiding medications, injections and surgery.
  • Learning and taking initiative 

At FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers - Manassas (formerly Piedmont Physical Therapy, Inc.) our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of our patients by delivering the best health care possible - and to be recognized as a trusted source of advice for people in our community who want answers to concerning questions about how to rebuild their health.

As a PT on staff you will have a huge a role in the growth and success of our practice which is expanding to a second location in Gainesville opening soon.

So, you will bring your own skill set but we'll be teaching you a large number of techniques and ways to optimize patient interactions and experiences. We're fans of having a big clinical “toolbox” and do not subscribe to any one physical therapy school/methodology as being better than all others.

But there's something even more important than your manual/PT skills: your personality and interpersonal skills. In our opinion, if you can't "win over" a patient via your conversations and interactions, it almost doesn't matter how good you are with your hands and ther ex prescription. The right person for this job will learn to assess and skillfully respond to the wide variety of personality types that visit our clinic, "meeting them where they're at" to build great rapport with every patient.

So, we're obviously looking for someone who is passionate about learning and wise enough to know there will always be much more to learn … regardless of age or experience. And in our clinic, the learning, training, and practicing will not only be about improving clinical skills but also about improving your ability to create of an incredible experience for every patient (and that experience goes very far beyond just the results you get for them with your PT skills).

This clinic’s population is quite diverse. Plenty of weekend warriors, desk jockeys, high school athletes, and middle-aged highly-driven people trying to stay active and fit. Keep in mind we are a balance center, so we see our fair share of patients who have neurological and aged-related impairments that place them in this category. Our patients are amazing! Many of them have become like family to us.

This position will be perfect for someone who has great hands-on skills and a compassionate, joyful outlook on life. Someone who is looking for an environment where high quality care and patient experience is truly the top priority (not just part of a mission statement).

If all the above has made you excited about this job, here is a detailed "success description" outlining all the details of what being successful in this position will look like ...

  • A warm and calming demeanor and an affinity towards communicating comfortably with new people and making them feel welcome.
  • Natural empathy and compassion for those in pain
  • Willingness to learn and implement feedback
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Self-Starter
  • Fantastic hands-on & manual skills
  • Graduate of an accredited physical therapy program

What Can We Do For You...

  • Provide a work environment where the best interests of client are ALWAYS top priority in the delivery of care. We are NOT a corporate-owned PT office. Never have been.
  • A competitive salary ($74,500 - $85,500) based on job title, combination of performance, experience and what you "bring" to the practice
  • Monthly Performance Bonus: up to 6% of gross wages paid on a monthly basis. These are very achievable targets with one of our current PT's hitting the 4% tier nearly every month.
  • An opportunity to provide Aquatic PT. We have an established program and are looking to expand by adding another PT. No experience, no problem. We can get you certified through ATRI. Plus you'll be working with a very experienced Aquatic PT.
  • Unlimited continuing education through our partnership with Medbridge.
  • Company paid concussion certification through CCMI.
  • SIMPLE IRA with 3% employer match
  • Medical insurance benefits with 50% employer contribution
  • PTO commensurate with years of employment and paid holidays
  • Continuing education benefits (i.e. sports concussion management cert, dry needling cert, vestibular/balance cert, aquatic therapy cert, pelvic floor cert and many more)
  • Management/leadership opportunities for the right applicant. We're searching for an applicant who can assist us not only the successful day to day operations of the clinic, but also strategic planning and program implementation to foster growth of the practice.

Hope to hear from you soon!!

David Ebbecke, PT, DPT, OCS

Owner - FYZICAL Manassas