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You wish to get relief from disorders that put you in pain, make you dizzy or imbalanced and we want you to come in with or without a referral.

If you desire your insurer to cover your expenses, they will most likely want you to have a referral from your primary care or specialty physician. The reason is that we are a prescribed remedy to your specific issues as judged by your physicians. Some insurances require a referral from your physician or medical provider (primary care doctor, nurse practitioner, orthopaedic surgeon, podiatrist, chiropractor, etc.) to have your insurance pay for your physical therapy treatment.

We pride ourselves in working with your trusted physician to best assess and consider all factors going into whatever issues you may be experiencing.

Whether you pay for our services or your insurer pays for our services, know that we are like a prescription --- your physician writes the prescription because he/she sees our facility as the best way to improve your outcome with your physical therapy, balance and dizziness issues. And like a prescription, some insurances may require a co-pay or fee to be charged upon the receipt of services.

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