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Concussion Testing and Treatment

Many concussions can result in dizziness and imbalance which can affect a person’s ability to successfully return to school, work or sports. The good news is these symptoms of dizziness and imbalance caused by concussion respond well to skilled Physical Therapy treatment. At FYZICAL Dizziness & Fall Prevention Center, located at the North Andover office, clinicians perform concussion baseline testing, post-injury testing and skilled physical therapy treatment to alleviate symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. Our goal is to help you Love Your Life again.

Baseline Testing

The goal of baseline testing is to assess how the brain functions in a healthy state. Although it does not diagnose concussion, Baseline testing can be compared to post-injury results to assist in guiding treatment and making return to work or sport decisions. At FYZICAL, we offer evidence-based balance and visual testing.

Balance Testing

Balance is vital to everyday life and especially to participation in sports and physical activities. Baseline testing commonly assesses the cognitive ability of individuals but many times balance is not properly assessed. There are many tests that can be used to evaluate balance. However, many of these tests are subjective and are not challenging enough for young adults and higher level athletes. At FYZICAL, our state of the art technology allows our clinicians to use evidence-based balance testing via force plate analysis to test clients’ balance and compare to age-norms. The results of this testing can be compared to pre-injury status and direct treatment as well as guide recommendations for athletic enhancement exercises.

Visual Testing

Dizziness or feeling “foggy” are commonly reported after concussion and can last for an extended period of time. Often times these symptoms are due to the brain’s inability to correctly process visual information. Using a computerized program, FYZICAL can assess dynamic visual acuity, gaze stabilization and how visual information is processed. Findings on these tests can guide skilled physical therapy treatment with the goal of eliminating dizziness and visual symptoms.

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