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Custom Orthotics and Footmaxx

Hands and feet are a very important part of everyday life – from daily activities like brushing our teeth, eating, walking and running, to work activities and sports. When your hands and/or feet are not able to function properly, a specialized approach is needed to return you to the highest level of functionality possible. Because each and every hand and foot is unique, a custom approach is always best for optimal form and function. 

About Custom Hand Orthotics: 

Our team of occupational therapists have advanced training in the fit and fabrication of custom orthotics for the hand and upper extremity. Splints are designed to immobilize and promote healing of soft tissues structures, stabilize an unstable joint, or lengthen tightened tissues. 


About Custom Foot Orthotics:

Fyzical Oswego has partnered with Footmaxx custom orthotics to provide a truly customized fit and the best functional outcomes when using a foot orthotic.

As part of the evaluation process, the clinician is able to 3D scan the patient's foot, as well as provide a functional gait analysis using force plate technology.

The clinician and the patient work together to choose the best orthotic for the patient's individual needs and goals, and to ensure a comfortable and functional fit. Whether you are trying to decrease heel pain, have a history of foot pain when running, or are struggling with neuropathy, we can partner with you to improve the way your feet feel and perform.