FYZICAL is a physical therapy franchise leading the charge to transform healthcare from one of “sick care” to well care.
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Welcome to FYZICAL Raleigh

FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers in Raleigh, NC is a physical therapy and wellness clinic that strives to be the leading provider of quality care and rehabilitation services to the southeast Raleigh community. FYZICAL Raleigh was created and launched in response to the growing need for such initiatives in this underserved region. FYZICAL Raleigh founding members share a common vision of developing and maintain an all-inclusive clinical model to advance education, increase awareness and promote overall improvement in health and wellness to empower this community. Specific efforts have been made to maximize access to as many people as possible. By accepting a variety of insurance carriers, as well as implementing a sliding fee scale and committing to a percentage of charity care, we believe that we have done just that.

At FYZICAL Raleigh, the patient is valued as the central component to the success of the organization. Placing the patient first is exemplified with the construction of tailor made examinations and treatment programs that specifically address the needs of the individual. Your functional goals are our functional goals and our physical therapists are committed to remaining true to them.

Our services include:

  • functional assessments
  • biomechanical training
  • ergonomic assessment and correction
  • return to work/occupational readiness
  • manual techniques
  • joint mobilization
  • soft tissue mobilization
  • active/passive stretching
  • neuro therapeutic techniques
  • balance/stability training
  • vestibular rehabilitation
  • spinal stabilization/core strengthening
  • ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat, ice
  • home care services and more!

These services are designed to fit the needs of individual patients of all ages, from infants to adolescents to adults and seniors. Special care had been taken to ensure that your experience surpasses expectation and sets the standard for healthcare values in the region.

FYZICAL® Therapy Services

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